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I find acting books invaluable—not in the replacement of acting class, or experience—but in their own right.  I think, “which acting book to read?”, is a very pertinent question.

To start:

Micheal Shurtleff’s “Audition” — it literally, step by step, tells an actor what specific things to do and which questions to answer before an audition.  It easily applies to scene work and any work for the stage or screen.

Ivana Chubbucks “The Power of the Actor” — step by step process of how to create moments on stage and on set.  There are plenty examples of the explored acting techniques referenced in films; it is extremely helpful to go and watch these film clips described moment to moment in the book.  You can dissect the filmed performance and that elevates the reader from audience member to active industry participant.  An invaluable ability.

Yoshi Oida’s “The Invisible Actor” —- not everyone’s cup of tea because it is much more stage oriented. But it’s valuable nonetheless for its sheer tenacity in exploring what an actor’s role is in a production.  There are exercises throughout the book that are key in developing a performer’s imagination and concentration; most of these exercises can be done independently or in groups. I find it necessary to relax the analytical part of my acting technique to keep my reactions authentic;  this book does that.

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