To which a voice replied . . .

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An actor at his wit’s end, clutched his head and screamed into the heavens, WHY DO I SUCK?

To which a voice replied …

You have forgotten who you are; instead of bringing the individual of you to each role, you are creating an alter persona that you think the outside world wants to see.  You have become a people pleaser, sacrificing your art to attempt to control something you never can have control over. People’s perception.

Man:   Who are you?

I am your Muse.  The one who inspired you to enter the business in the first place.  I’ve been with you from the beginning, since the first drawing you ever created with crayon, since the first etch and sketch, since the first sculpture created with Link–n–Logs.  I have inspired you, breathed life into all your creative thoughts.  I am your guide to realizing your true artistic self. Trust me.

Man: Why should I?

Because I am you. And you used to trust your Muse and Art a great deal, back before you cared about percentages, and contracts, and billing, and clout—-back when you were simple, your art was simple.

Man: Will it ever be simple again?


You have to remember what is important, why you began this profession in the first place.  Let others muscle their way into success.  You can choose to remember the true reason why art and performance exists, and serve that purpose.  The ones who pursue money and fame (and you know who they are) can achieve only a limited amount of success; because they know deep down who they are, and as they deny that, they deny happiness within.

Man:  This is freaking me out!

Don’t be afraid. Never be afraid of who you really are.  Shyness and modesty are an illusion of greatness.  You have chosen to be a Sharer, to share your thoughts and feelings with the audience—-with the world.  An Actor not wanting to share all of his his feelings with the audience, is like a doctor not wanting to share all of his knowledge of medicine with his patients.  Holding back just doesn’t make sense.  It is not the point and it is not the job.

Man: How can I stay true to my art in this industry?

Choose it! Know you are choosing it.  There is power in knowing that you have a choice.  Know that the option to take the route of the fake and vain is there, see it, acknowledge its existence within you, and then walk away.  Be grateful that these types of actors exist, and that these decisions are before you—-because it gives you the power to choose another path.

Man: Why have you waited till now to speak to me so directly?

You ignore me. You feel you can choose better.  I am put here to help you, yet, there are days when you refuse my help; you think you can make the scene go a certain way, even though there is no way you possibly can.  You cannot control the way an audition goes, or any performance; there are too many variables out of your reach.  Yet, you vow to make a choice happen in the room, a choice that your mind told you was the most interesting—- even though you have no way of knowing what the best choice is.  How can you? You don’t know what the director is looking for, you can’t, she doesn’t even know. You cannot think, plan, and prepare your way to be completely congruent with someone else’s idea.  All you can be is you, and all you can do is trust me, because I see all, know all—all that is possible in a scene, and I will guide you, if you let me . . . .

To be concluded.


Posted: 8-7-13 11:11am

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