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These piles of articles are an accumulation of research; a study from every angle, examining and exploring, the role and shape of acting. I am teaching myself, retracing my steps and paving new ways. By learning this way, I hope to empower the subconscious mind, including it, knowingly, in the process. Words are alive and thoughts demand discipline. By becoming an actor we are opting to be on the forefront of life; entering and exploring every crevice–good and bad, light and dark.

Know that our mission is holy. Yes, holy! As an actor we resolve to study the very essence of life. We all must begin from somewhere. Making the decision to be an actor is a simple, vulnerable act. It is to live on the brink of suggestion, on a tiny thread of change, becoming water. Ever moving, ever evolving, never the same. Shapeless, colorless, reflective and cleansing. But how to take those first steps filled with trepidation? The beginning of any journey is filled with mixed emotions of excitement and fear, both sides making the same coin. Both sides are natural and needed to create a burst of energy to begin.



8-28-13 11:11am

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