Creative genius needs Space

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A reoccurring lesson and theme in creating great work is the bravery of space. There is a temptation to plan every detail, but this is limiting. There is no safety in true art, in collaboration — it’s out on a limb, that’s where innovation occurs, on the edge of what is possible. Some of the deepest collaborations came from the respect and trust of this space. This space is sacred.

Space — is the unplanned, unspoken, spontaneous integration of the present moment, it is the secret ingredient that expands all others. It is the truth of that moment. Just as an actor who is courageous enough not to plan every aspect of their performance, as we collaborate, we must have space, and leave some decisions open for inspired action in the moment. Plan a few logistics enough to get going, enough to be brave, then let go and trust in the collaboration, be open to new ideas that suddenly pounce out of the sacred space that has been created.


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