Crowd-source Funding

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It has been said that there are 1,000 ways to reach the same destination, it just depends on the expanse of periphery. Right now, there exists ways to fund a project of your dreams where before there were only road blocks.

There’s the old busted studio model, traditional forms of finance and distribution, but everyday the ways and methods of seeing a project through fruition are expanding.  When we turn to the awesome powers of the internet, in its insanity of inter-connected communication– there is a gem: the direct and immediate line to your audience. We no longer have to go through corporate third-party structures, if you do their involvement and claim to your work is changing to more of a perfunctory role.

Crowd-source financing goes straight to ticket buyers of your project and allows them to contribute for their ticket before it is completed; quite literally allowing audiences to place an order of what they’d like to see and then it is completed. This new, community based funding is brought into existence by young filmmakers and innovative sages that light the way for the future. The whole industry is changing. There are companies like Sumosplash, RocketHub, Indiegogo, Peerbackers, and more which give power to the masses and democratize filmmaking and other forms of art.

The psychological effect is that this challenges artists; there is no reason now to wait.


Posted: 10-18-13 11:11am

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