Fearless: failure into fuel

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The most powerful attribute an artist can have is an unyielding acceptance of uncertainty.

The illusion of control limits creativity.  To allow yourself to be uncertain is to allow room for Greatness.  Great Artists, Actors, Directors, Musicians:  all share the commonality of being comfortable with the discomfort; being certain of the uncertainty.  They embrace it, greet it as a friend, see it as an ally, and then use it– like an alchemist of energy.

It is riding the wave.

Advancement begins with daring to change.  In order to advance, you must push past the unknown– which is to push past that which is certain . . . safe . . . controlled.  Instead, walk right up to the brink and balance.  And know that delving into the realm of uncertainty can coincide with delving into a realm of fear.  But you have a choice.  You do not have to let fear in; instead you can let it go, and just see the life:  the truth, the options, and not judge yourself–no comparisons.

By releasing the fear of failure, we allow the full freedom of taking risks.   And when we are free to create risks—we are free to create fantastic advancements.

With the absence of fear you can maintain confidence throughout this process, and then expedite it.   Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  This point of view turns every “failure” into fuel.  You are one step closer.

Be comfortable with uncertainty and work through it.  Relax and activate more deeply in the face of failure.  Find the moment of stillness in the whirlwind.

Indycar Driver, Danica Patrick, speaks of the power of converting fear into fuel on the racetrack:

“You’re driving your car and you feel frightened a little bit.  We bump up against that feeling as much as we can to try and push that limit further and get comfortable there.  And then push it again.  So you’re constantly on the brink of crashing . . . because that’s the fastest.”

Dare to crash.  Balance on the edge.  . .  And breathe.



Posted 7-10-13 11:11am

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