New Models of Success

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How successful do you feel? On what merit is your success based? Is it contingent on how others perform, is it compared to your past performance? If left unaware we can carry models of success/failure in our mind and not even know it, most of these unconscious models are outdated. Can we encourage a new model, not based on outward conditions but instead internal gold mines? That is to say, can we gain encouragement and validation from ourselves?

What is stopping us from adopting this new model of success and how can it serve us?  The question is in the answer that you already know, and it begs to question: Can you feel a higher level of success right now? What image, landmark, feeling, comes to mind as you feel this way? Like begets like. Hold this image and take actionable, tangible steps in the next five minutes that move you toward it.  Don’t let second-guessing and fear based thoughts deter you, that was yesterday. Today you become more and more successful with each thought and each corresponding action.


 Posted 10-14-13 11:11am

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