Take Down the Machine

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This art form is what you make it. It is as you wish. As you create living examples with your work, you prove that there is another way. I often hear filmmakers complaining about the current state of the industry. More than complaining, your creative power is the ingenuity that is needed for change. Chip away at the existing, decaying, infrastructure with your talent.

The big studio model is becoming obsolete. The digital, communication era has given rise to options that oppose the old, capitalistic, self-centered business model. A model which puts its own singular entity above the collective whole, is at best clever (profitable), but not intelligent (durable). Intelligence considers the whole. When each contributor is honored, it is uplifting; it generates a more fulfilling and fruitful outcome, long-term. Usher in this way of thinking in business aspects involving your specific artistic contributions. Practice how you’d like things to be done throughout the business at large. Tear down the old infrastructure with your presence. With your intention, with your focus.


Posted: 6-26-13

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