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That’s why an actor’s job is supreme. We reveal the great truth, we live it. Each day. And it’s all okay because we, the strong, the few, do it. We admit to it. We let the truth be. No hiding from me. Here I am. All of me. Even the parts you cannot see. Always tell the truth. Your thoughts pour faster than water. We are all human beings. First and foremost, we are all living, breathing, beating beings. There are more similarities between us than can be difference. We all react the same way to water in our lungs, we smell, feel, and taste; a baby’s laugh sounds the same around the world; if we prick our finger, we bleed. We all crap and cry and eat, and then sleep. There are an infinite number of things and experiences we all share on so many scales, and yet we are all convinced that we are strangers. We are all made by the same God, written by the same hand, we stand on the same earth, squinting at the same sun. We are the answer and the key, as well as, the question and the door. We are all things and all things exist in us, every possibility.


Posted: 8-21-13 11:11am

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  1. Crystal Dawne says:

    Jameelah, your writting is beautiful and honest. I feel like your singing your words and their just for me!!!! Continue to speak and live your truth you’ll inspire others to do the same.


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