Truth & Beauty

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What is beauty? Truth? Both meanings are simple, yet layered with connations that make their experience as subjective and personal as it is universal. There is beauty inside truth, maybe not in an aesthetic sense, but on a deeper level.

Our society has an understanding that art is supposed to be beautiful. But rather than just supply a visual feast and aesthetic enjoyment, the films, plays, stories, and pieces that cultivate a deeper meaning of beauty are more memorable. They live in a certain part of our brains we cannot forget.  Beauty connects to truth the most when you look at its origin.

Several dictionaries point to beauty as a synonym of bounty. A bounty is plentiful, generous; and so is truth. Truth is integral, literally meaning: whole, a concept I also see to be generous. Generous as in full. Giving all our ourselves, the complete version. It’s blatant, stark … naked. Beauty and truth just are.

They are there.

And there is something deeply satisfying about something that is so giving of itself ; its vulnerable, and even if it is not widely accepted as beautiful or truthful, it does not change its ferocity on a personal level. It does not need agreement to be extreme.

It is this kind of truth and beauty that makes art crackle. It is uniquely our opinion, and it is uniquely fierce inside of us. Adding this unique and generous truth to our work will make it a deep, and age-less beauty — that resonates completely.


Posted: 7-17-13 11:11am

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