Use Auditions to Empower

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Being wrapped up, solely focused on one project is fun. It is wonderful to be engrossed. However, there is room to deepen your participation in any given project by working on something else.

Say that you are working on a long-term project and suddenly you get an audition, this could be seen as an interruption. But is it a gift? A path to deepen your work? By using the same skills and talent, in the same medium, but with a completely different project adds a layer of perspective you can only get by un-focusing on the primary project. It is a gift and an excuse to be able to dive back into the longer term work, with fresh eyes.

There will always be something useful you can see by picking up another project. It will highlight a different part of yourself that, no matter how unlikely it seems, will help the performance you had been focused on.

See the interruption as a gift.


Posted: 10-16-13 11:11am

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