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There are books exploring art and performance, that have changed my life. They empowered me, or opened me up to new ideas that I had not considered. Books have the ability to capture the knowledge and gems gathered from a lifetime, and distill them through the limit of alphabetic shapes. They create influence and then derive their own meaning in you.

As powerful as these tools are, like any book, they merely point to the thing, they do not encompass the thing itself, that is left up to you, for your experimental catharsis.

I use acting books as a dare to explore a new method within my craft. To gain confidence, to go out on a limb, to know where the limbs are. Books are a great resource to discover which bit of training is most beneficial, yet, it itself, is not training. You make it training; by its absorption and inclusion in what you do. Train you must, because with every passing moment you are different.

Read, study, execute new techniques for specific roles and challenges to the fullest extent that it was created. Then take it further. Add more you. Pieces of yourself and past techniques. Let every role wake you up more. Once we let go of the notion that we’ll be done, that we’ll finally find the one technique that lasts in greatness. Once we give in to the idea that there will always be more to explore, we can relax into it, let go of frustration and enjoy.


Posted 9-18-13 11:11am

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