Woven Together

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Through life one can notice that each character in an actor’s body of work, is connected somehow to the previous. No matter how different—every personality finds some unique connectivity in an unassuming fashion. Coincidence? Or a realization that the same underlying truth that exists in life, also exists in the imaginary world of storytelling : that all people are interlinked to a collective core.

We can say that anyone is capable of playing another human being; there, inside, resides a piece already. Meaning, it was possible for us to have come into existence as another. And if we could have been each other, than surely, surely we are capable of accurately portraying the other.

To feel estranged or removed from a written character—even for an instant— is completely unnecessary. If the choices of a character seem arbitrary, focus back to the circumstances and your instinct. We innately recognize the person we are seeking to become. Release the moral high horse. We can understand Hitler.

The worst and best of mankind is within us; find peace in that. Perhaps we cannot see the grand design but together we make the whole; we must trust that the pieces are there– that there is a path that connects us. The most talented actors train their subconscious to navigate these paths efficiently. Understanding these paths is the art of understanding each other. If you can understand, you are a steps from sympathy, then empathy.

Studies have shown that by the age of seven a human being has experienced the basic level of the entirety of human emotion. You are an expert on human nature, being human. You were born capable to manifest any thought, feeling; recognize that capability and be rid of worry and doubt. You are enough, as a matter of fact, you are plenty. Trying to reach outside to some contrived notion is maddening, relaxing into a different part of you is freeing. Be free.


Posted: 7-24-13 11:11am

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  1. Bill Paetzke says:

    It certainly is liberating to realize that we all are one. It gives me a feeling of persistent safety. It gives me courage. For example, I am able to backpack solo through foreign countries with this courage. It inspires me to find myself in others, and to help others find themselves in me.

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