Writing in a 30 sec time limit

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People have asked what the process is like for writing these articles, how to maintain a pace. To that I think, write less. When I first began to launch this site it was 2007 and I had just had a moving day on set watching Russell Crowe deliver a strong performance.  I went home and wrote what is now archived as Fearless: Failure into Fuel. The only difference was, the first version I wrote was 4 pages long, hand-written, front and back. Full of passion, yes; great ideas, sure. But sustainable, no. And I later discovered, readable– probably not.

I continued in this style, writing short novella’s on film acting, whenever I was inspired. But it seldom happened. By the end of writing it, due to its length, it had become a chore. I often didn’t finish it because I didn’t know its end. It wasn’t until 2011 when I started to realize the confidence and clarity it took to write in short, concise, clear nuggets.

There will be another article on the nuts and bolts of the best-selling book that was a catalyst for this shift. Just know that the first step is to very specifically identify what you want. Got it? Great. Next, what do they want (your audience, reader, interviewer, etc.) Now add it. Or intertwine them. These 30-sec patterns can be seen in five min, ten minute, hour-long speeches. It is the cell block that keeps building, that keeps adding on itself based on re-engaging the audience again and again.


Posted: 10-2-13 11:11am

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