You are allowed to be better than Meryl Streep

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You are allowed to be better than Meryl Streep, in fact, you are supposed to. It is your obligation to honor her work by going beyond it.  I use the name Meryl Streep as the quintessential example of the actor’s ideal talent level, but you can use any name you wish.

The point is — that special name that makes you weak in the knees, the one you look up to — is the one you can give yourself permission to see eye to eye.  If you want to achieve that level of talent, you have to see it first, and be willing to surpass it.  You know this. However, the truth is, most of us don’t want to surpass our heroes, we are comfortable right where we are, and to go beyond it is vulnerable. Admit that. Admit that reluctance and then honor your ideal by realizing that your true service to them is to add to their work by adding your truth— your next step. By standing on our heroes shoulders we can collectively reach higher heights.


Posted: 8-14-13 11:11am

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